POSTED BY Nick 31, May, 2017

Marc and the Malt Mahal

There are some bars in the world that always feel like home. You walk in and you just know that the beers are going to be cold and the drams tasty.

Therefore it was with some trepidation that we prepared for the Malt Mahal at the behest of our worthy pal James Quaile of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, the Vaults in Leith.

The Vaults has always and will always be one of our favourite watering holes. It was where Lee and I first shared a dram together and over the years it has become a tradition of ours to bring friends from overseas in to experience a classy touch of genuine Scottish hospitality.

So. It was a huge experience for us to come down and be part of this amazing establishment for an evening. Pairing our beers with SMWS whiskies was an absolute blast and we hope to come back and do it all again soon! Thank you for having us Mr Quaile!!! – Slainte

The line up chosen by Danny from the Vaults… nothing short of superb.

Some people really know how to write a tasting note.

The Vaults!!! (the best spot is the couch just back from the fire place)

Riding a duck bareback up Mount Etna… (hmmmm that could be a beer recipe)

Marc and Lee! Pre shenanigans!